Hiding in the shell of the cocoon


I’m not trapped. I’m choosing to stay covered…protected from the vast world of opportunity. I am cuddled in the dark, not ready to be exposed to the light, the rays of the sun beaming down inspiration. I do not yet desire to be vibrant and free. Rather, I am grounding in the cave of solitude. You could say I am hiding. It is more like a search for serenity. I am hiding from my potential — tied to the dependence in the roots of safety. I am not ready to spread my wings and fly. I need to develop the skills so I don’t fall on my face. I need the bountiful abundance of compassion to encourage my inner spirit. I need the confidence that manifests from self-love so I can sprout from my shell.0c477b764c7874862f3f33d355efc41b--blue-butterfly-tattoo-butterfly-painting

One day I know I’ll be a butterfly. But not yet. Not until all parts of me hold equal value to the
whole of my being. Right now, when I attempt to add up the sum of my being, I am an unsolvable equation. There are secret variables that must be solved. I’m not sure if I need to multiply by my strengths or divide by my insecurities; breaking me down to a more simple solution. Once the answer is clear, then I will be primed for the adventures to come. But for now, I remain hibernating in my shell of silence, listening to the needs yet to be understood, assembling the courage to recreate my silky casing into solid bravery. I hide in the solace of my shell of self-discovery as I wait for the natural process of evolution to reveal the beauty of growth,


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