The joy in the struggle : tackling simplicity to be the WHOLE as you are NOW

YOU ARE YOU regardless of what you DO!

Why do we actually seek out challenge? As a society, we are all hypocrites! We complain all day about ‘challenge’ and yet we all secretly scheme in our minds how to construct the largest obstacles that are the basis of challenge. It is quite ironic how there can breed such a joyous outcome after facing the dark and niddy griddy. The practice of overcoming simplicity invites in complex creativity to expanding our existence. By testing the edge of our capability, we recognize the beauty of the free fall — the reality that we are more than we originally conceived.

It’s the all-known yin and yang. If we get stuck in the easy or habitual routine of the day-to-day, we look back feeling a void in our hearts. And if we push ourselves too hard, we look back and wonder why we didn’t stop more often to look around and cherish the moment; free of stress or worry. The yin and the yang is the joy and the struggle that collides into fulfillment.

In our culture so often we are push to do more and be better. Of course, if we don’t then we are not as good as… However, recently, I personally have been breaking down old beliefs that intensity measures success. Just today, my dear friend sent me a video of a man named Bashar who speaks of intuition and intellect. Bashar makes such a valid point:


Bashar goes on to talk about how you (we all) have to break old assumptions to become the whole as you (we) are. Not the ideal ‘whole’ that we construct in our mind; the inherent wholeness you have and have had all along. You have to redefine the whole as you are, not as you should be. You can transform yourself easily and lovingly, but you have to choose that…This conscious choice of melting into the person we wish to be NOW is contrary to what we most likely are taught growing up. We build these beliefs that we are only a sliver of the whole and that we are only sufficient once we achieve….

I’m coming to realize, however, that once we get over and accept the fact that our existence can be BOTH simple AND wonderful, our success skyrockets because we can focus on those qualities of ourselves that are most valuable and thrive off those. My old boss and mentor taught me that I (we all) have to be great to be great. Not be great because someone else is great like that too. Comparative success can generate stress, negativity and fear. Not to say a little competition isn’t healthy. But turning the individual focus inward and highlighting our unique assets allows us to radiate rather than dissolve.

So get over it! Realize it really is only as hard as you make it! And if you need challenge, then make it hard but if you are needing comfort and ease, let go…surrender to the reality that you are whole. There is joy in struggle because we push pass our old limits. Then the question becomes, what is the struggle? For me, my struggle is being more calm, less controlling, and easier on myself. The most difficult part comes in truly REdefining our ideals to embrace our TRUE self. We are all not professional athletes, actors, scientists, musicians, chefs, etc. Criticizing will get us no closer. Who are we and what is our OWN struggle?

I want to create a complex and intense struggle of go-go-go, so I don’t have time to connect with ALL parts of me. It’s easy to push through, help others and achieve goals. It’s much harder to sit still, get to know ourselves beneath the confines of our mind and honor the fact we can’t do it all! It’s so easy to get trapped into this culture of addiction and over-working/eating/drinking/exercising/divorce (the list goes on) because we see false images of ‘making it all happen.’ But if we live by that, why are we wanting to be great? For _____? or maybe _____?

What about to just be great! Simplicity in its true form! GREATEST at its simplest. YOU ARE YOU regardless of what you DO! So here are my five tips to being the whole YOU:

1) Identify the struggle.

2) Disassemble the old beliefs that inhibit overcoming the struggle.

3) Reassemble the new beliefs that will support your transformation.

4) Be vulnerable enough to try (more than once!).

5) Be great to be great! Nothing else.

Let me know what happens?! I, too, am searching for the joy in the struggle rather than the pain. Remember, you don’t have to fall apart or lose any part of you because you’re already whole. Now it’s just time to belief it!

Sat Nam!


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