Forced to face it all — harsh reality at its best

NO MATTER HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME…YOU STILL HAVE FARTHER TO GO! That is my lesson of the day! It’s amazing the effects of stress. And it’s like water…once we’re thirsty, our body is way past dehydrated. Yesterday at the acupuncturist, when I started explaining my “issues”, I realized, “holy shit, no wonder I have no energy…I’m STRESSED!” Yes, complete CAPS are required here. My body is talking to me and I’m not listening very well.

As much as I try to eat and live healthily, I am battling my health despite it all. And what does that invoke? Frustration, sadness, betrayal, judgment, curiosity, eye-rolls, head-shakes, screams in the car, etc. This is one of those times that I realize I don’t have control and at the same time, I feel deeply disconnected to insuring my existence. When does matter completely abolish mind? Not to say that I haven’t come so far from my past nightmares, but I still have so far to go…and that is full-out disappointing, and yet humbling!

Cold feet,

chapped lips,

racing mind,

spinning in circles of unknown curiousity,

forced to face it all,

harsh reality at its best.

Magical tragedy,

paradise unimagined,

dreams hydroplaning farther from the surface of reality,

colliding with metallic shards of hell,

forced to face it all,

harsh reality at its best.

The music stops,

the ego is slaughtered,

vocal cords snipped,

left bleeding an artistic expression of sorrow.

Truth at its strongest is a fierce animal,

ready to attack and abuse your expression of individuality,

strip you of independence,

leaving you naked with wounds,

swollen with fear of abandonment,

dried up with sugary regret and salty remnants of hope,

treading muddy water,

searching for the shallow end to find ground and stand tall,

forced to face it all,

harsh reality at its best.

When forced to face it all,

pre-conceived notions rip at the seams,

bringing truth to the forefront,

unrecognized and uncategorized,

harassing our emotions to comply,

teasing our actions to rebel.

So we lie on the cold pavement,

alone and full of wonder,

forced to face it all,

harsh reality at its best.

Gazing upward,

the stars reveal mystical understanding,

that pain will transform to healing,

the cold will warm,

and we will collectively join in the jungle of revealation,

forced to face it all,

harsh reality at its best illustrates the sliver of light that brightens our humanity:

no matter how far we’ve come,

we still have more to go.

So enjoy the ride,

be scared and fearless,

keep your heart warm and never look back!


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