Hooked on frustration? Transform the 1%

How do we deal with being so frustrated it’s beyond control?…We decide to control it! Resting on the edge of uncomfort and struggle can morph us into another being. Our filters get strained with drops of toxicity that pollutes our ability to see clarity. And when we’re hooked, oh we’re hooked! Getting to know the frustrated, kidnapped you becomes easier as the situations arise, so the question is, can we constrain the villain to be a stranger?

Instead of getting trapped into the dark circle of never-ending resistance to our current situation, we can switch the energy to be a slightly more understanding optimism. I’m not talking about green grass and yellow daisies…because when we’re frustrated, god knows yellow daisies sound far from appealing. But, even the smallest mental switch of recognizing that our behavior is unnecessary no matter how shitty a situation is…that breeds personal empowerment.

When we take charge of our environment, big or small, mind or matter, we affect how we experience our reality. Does it really have to be this hard? The not-so-obvious to the mind’s eye answer is NO! DUH…of course it’s no, says the authentic self. But in that moment, the moment of ultimate frustration, you’re thinking, “hell yes it is hard and you should feel sorry for me!” Bridging the gap between those and building a foundation of positive (or at least 1%) solidity is powerful. The whole Occupy Movement is based on how the 1% dominates the 99%. Look how much that 1% has control over our society?!

Now take that one percent and put it towards yourself. Generate empowered control over both your positive, and not so-positive emotions. Get to know yourself enough to identify, distinguish and CHOOSE! Sometimes frustration is all we’re able to draw on, but make the conscious choice and choose to switch it up if possible. Ask yourself, am I hooked on frustration? Take a breath and move forward.

Namaste! To the 99% and the 1%…it all counts.


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