Personality vs. attitude

As funny as this is…I can’t help but smile at how true it is! I think this quote incapsulates how the way we project ourselves typically depends on the people with which we surround ourselves. Make no mistake, we are always the same PERSON under it all — but the context or person can sway the expression of our SELF. Recently, I have been touched to be surrounded by positive, funny, caring people who are empowering and expanding my viability. I am growing only because those around me are opening the doors to an accepting, flexible environment.

Lately, I haven’t had to ride the bus much in the city (how privileged am I, I know!) but this week, I’ve ridden the “interesting and all encompassing” MUNI system twice (nothing for some of you, I know, too). Although riding the bus in the city can include some of the best people watching you’ve ever experienced, normally in a “I can’t believe that just happened” kind of way…tonight I had an instant that reminded me how wonderful the city can be for all it’s eclectic nature that fuses together the pinnings of our existence. We all are born with a different background and urban living forces human beings to cross paths, relate, reflect, release and move forward. Kinda amazing right?!?!

So on the bus, these two men were having a conversation about their past lives dealing with drug use. One was clean and sober and one was still choosing a life on the streets. The man who had decided to come clean said to other (who was discussing his recent relapse), “you know the one thing you taught me is to focus on MY OWN STORY more than anyone else’s.” He went on to explain how one day he might choose to go back to the streets but for now, he is walking a different path and he doesn’t want to put up with the distorted life of drug use. But that he is no different from anyone else!

HOW TRUE IS THAT? Whether it’s a harmful drug that can have serious repercussions on our lives or a daily drug of self-hate, regret, fear, overindulgence, stress, miscommunication, etc., the only way we will get clean and refreshed is to focus on our own story and consciously choose the life we desire. Surrounding ourselves with people who will facilitate the clarity of our personality permits us to mold our attitude into a authentic expression.

My mother gave me this wonderful poster that insists, “Be yourself! Everyone else is taken!” But in this day and age, embodying the concept of YOURSELF is sometimes too complex to digest. We get lost in the overstimulation of our society and we end up being the ones that make a mistake between our personality and attitude. They get mixed and misunderstood!

Don’t get me wrong, I think distinguishing between the positive and negative people we encounter is crucial to sustaining any sort of social life. That the reason that not everyone is ever going to like us. But I see all too often that it’s easy to put ourselves in situations that don’t feel ideal because we feel that we have to sacrifice it for our jobs, our future, other people, our image. Like the man on the bus declared, we have to focus on our OWN story before anyone else’s…and that includes reaching out to the people who foster a supportive and liberating lifestyle. Cause really if we don’t have other people, how much fun is it anyways?  From the man on the bus, I am inspired to realize that our attitude and actions can fluctuated based on our circumstances but our personality remains embedded in our divine nature. Discovering the depth of it depends on how willing we are to get naked, run around and accept it ALL!! ~Sat Nam~


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