Exposing all cards on the table

The journey with my neck/shoulder continues. I finally realized I needed more professional attention and kicked my butt into gear. After the complex scheduling and organizing of primary care physicians, insurance companies, secondary insurance companies, while fitting it around my work day (thank goodness for flexible coworkers!), I arrived at the chiropractor hour later. The last time I was at a chiropractor was when I was 14 and suffering from the multiple syndroms of loose joints any gymnast encounters. This time my joints are still loose and unpredictable, but I have a jammed neck and numb shoulder to accompany them.

I feel super lucky because I found a chiropractor that I feel comfortable with, respect and trust. For a moment, I actually felt like I was back in Glenwood, the small town feel of knowing your doctor on a more personal level. His knowledge and precise examinations made me feel more and more at ease and happy about landing on his table as the session went along. Towards the end, after his adjustment, I lie on the table with ice on my neck trying to think of something besides the extreme cold sensation melting into my skin. Then….I took a big exhale. One that brings the present REALLY into focus and the world around you stops. Wow, the power of the breath.

And right there, lying face down, I noticed how similar my position was to child’s pose. Bowing forward humbling and surrendering to the ultimate reality that is before me. I flipped my palms up (in the receiving position) and brought the awareness to my breath. And I thought (as Rusty Wells teaches), “Life is Yoga” — it all is yoga: even lying in pain, limited with the prescription to avoid running, yoga and rock climbing — my three favorite activities. So I took this opportunity to slow down, chin bowed toward my heart, to humbly accept my situation and honor my body for its teachings. Beyond the breath, I admitted the truth to myself – the neck is NO joke! This isn’t an ankle sprain that I tape and get back in the game. Rest actually means rest; it actually translates to HEALING!

The enlightening moment I had on the table made me realize that it is not about where we’re at or what we’re going through, but the fact that we can connect to Divine power and our path at any time. The circumstances just challenge us to broaden our awareness. Whether I am in the midst of a joyous experience or trying to forget about my neck hurting, I can slow down and acknowledge with abundant patience the lessons of life, rather than thinking it all should revolve around ME! Because as humility teaches us…there is always going to be someone who can do something better than us, there is always going to be something we want to change, and we are always going to be a little more imperfect than we’d like to believe. But, can we find those moments in the midst of stress and pain to turn our palms up, receive some healing energy and bow forward with a humble offering to the Universe that we are being guided? And can we TRUST that we are being guided? To me, I realize it’s a hell of a lot easier  to trust than try to think we have to control it all and never f*~k up cause then it’s own our damn fault!!

It’s amazing to me the power of turning our palms to the sky, taking a big breath in and inviting awareness to fill our mind, body and soul. Try it out, see what happens!


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