A new pair of glasses

Today, in the middle of a heartfelt conversation, my best friend told me that she felt like her mindset was as if she had on a pair of glasses and couldn’t see clearly and my first thought was…

Go glasses shopping! Throw away those Walmart piece of you-know-what and finally dish up the cash and buy yourself some Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chanel (what have you) protection! Those eyes are precious gold! And ultimately, those “eyes” are just the gateway to our mind and our experiences. When we take off the glasses of shame, fear, regret, insecurity and unease, we can finally walk down the street with sexy accessories of pride, ambition, and the confidence to keep our shoulders back and chin held high (maybe with the matching handbag, too). Beyond the good posture, it’s about the positive energy lifting upwards. What’s up? The sun to brighten, the rain to refresh, the tree branches to sade in times of burning, birds chirping melodies, and beyond all this…starrs, magic, and Divine Power.

This metaphor of the glasses we put on got me questioning how often do we hide behind an image or feeling because it seems easier or safer than facing reality? Continuing into our conversation she was talking about how the last few months she has been in a hole of blank, blank, and more blank (total BS!!) And then, I realized…we all don’t have anything that we have to dig out of. We are it! We have to learn to be ourselves because everyone else is already taken! There is no getting out of it to find something better.

We WILL struggle and want to know where to turn next because this f*ing jerk off just cut me in line, laughed at someone else, took my job, broke my heart, etc. But in the end, as my beloved yoga teacher Tunde says, “suffering is inevitable, pain is not!” The obstacles don’t have to be painful if we put on our glasses of clarity and acceptance. Then, when we go underneath the tree and find shade, the glasses come off and we still see the big picture of how it all is just what it is — beautiful life full of abundance (and many lessons)!

Life should course through our veins, stretching our smile marks, uplifting our heart, and burst happiness at the seams. I know it’s a double-edged sword. Sharper at points when we feel like gentleness is the only remedy. The shitty thing about it all falling apart is that right when it seems like we’re continuously stepping in dog crap, there’s MORE! But I am so relieved for those moments of when it seems to actually be coming together, it becomes even more enlightened and enlivens our spirit! The beat grows, the yoga (union) happens and we continue to connect with breath, life, and the sensation of being alive.

Plus in paradise, we need sunglasses. It’s too bright to see without them!


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