Projection and Protection

I love the way these two words roll together: projection and protection. Talk about a balance! It is an art of projecting ourselves vibrantly and still protecting our needs and safety with boundaries. It is that grey area where vulnerability becomes both an exposed, unexplored territory and a comfortable, authentic place. When we project our needs and wants too much, we lose the ability to listen, relate and ultimately protect ourselves from missing out on learning from and living with others in a powerful way. Connecting on a deeper level beyond, “hey, let’s grab a beer or maybe just be facebook friends and call it good” takes the willingness to project and then protect. Grasping the knowledge of how much to protect versus how much energy to project is in constant flux depending on the “who, what, when, where and how”. The “why” is irrelevant because why we’re doing it is obvious: WE’RE ALIVE!

In Kundalini yoga, the work is focused on cultivating and radiating light and energy, while protecting the soul from harsh negativity and toxic environments. The simplicity of this powerful P mantra is wonderful! PROJECT AND PROTECT — basically, take risks but stay grounded! Live life to the fullest and never forget you are worthy enough to protect, cherish and love yourself with 108% 🙂 Build the barrier, break it down and build a new one. To me, I see it as a reminder that we are never the same from one day to the next. We have to continually push the limits on our projections and refine the level to which we protect based on how much we trust our environment. The P mantra illustrates how we do not have to be one or the other, but a cohesive unit of stability and freedom!



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