* deep breaths, heartbeats, and melodies *

This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for all the deep breaths, fast heartbeats, and various artistic melodies that have gotten me through my first year of working at a non-profit, moving twice, two ACL tears/recoveries and encountering a whole new city of people and environments — all 1200 miles away from my family.

A year ago, I was home celebrating the life of my grandmother and just stepping into my job.  This year, as I now stay “home” in San Francisco, I realize that my family has kept me safe and supported through the ups and downs, but beneath their support, my deep breaths have been the most intimate and powerful source of grounding and healing for me. When I was immobile and left mentally and physically broken for months after my surgery, my reservoir of breath reminded me of the cyclical nature of new days and the inherent healing power of our bodies.


When I regained enough strength, I was enlivened by my abundant heartbeats. It’s astonishing how easy we can take them for granted…as they drum loudly keeping us alive through every experience of our lives. To be able to push myself and be reborn into running, hiking, biking, yoga, climbing, and life at a higher frequency empowered me to spread the energetic positivity of heartbeats (and also deep breaths) to others. Teaching yoga at JCYC has been a heart-felt journey of letting structure and technique melt with vulnerability and trust. The willingness of my coworkers to get on their mat every week (and allow me to guide them through uncomfortable hamstrings stretches and sticking their butt in the air!) has impressed me enormously. Breaking down the professional and adding in the personal at my work is another aspect of my life that I am thankful for because I feel I can truly be ME when I show up each day.

Lastly, as part of my daily routines, I have invited a more extensive plethora of music into my life. When I stop to reflect on what I’m grateful for this holiday season, I am noticing the deep influence of the vibrant melodies, beats, and uplifting awesomeness of music. And the beautiful thing is that music propels and inspires my deep breaths, as well as, powers up my heartbeats. The unison (a.k.a. yoga) of these three things in my life opens my heart, expands my compassion, sharpens my patience, and invites everlasting love to each day. With this foundation, I feel closer to the people that mean the most to me and more invested in the work/play I do — with way more rhythm in the melody of my life! This life truly is Divine!

~”Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!”



One thought on “* deep breaths, heartbeats, and melodies *

  1. Hannah, love, you have a gift for words and expression and it is beautiful to feel your spirit through your posts. Thanks for sharing! I would love some music tips, I don’t think I have gotten anything since my college days and radio around here sucks. Make me a play list!!

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