Emotional Goldrush

I am lost for words at what I feel is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or even intuitive nature at this point. I find myself calm and centered and chaotically in the midst of an emotional goldrush. Right when I thought I was holding patience, compassion and a balance between self-love and outward connection did I find myself undermined by life’s magical bullshit. Those lessons that we cannot understand in the moment, but ultimately lead to a finish line of desperate understanding and willingness to push forward. And the scary thing is, maybe this is love. Maybe the reason that hurt and understanding exist in the same court is because the game manifests from love and not fear. Maybe this is raw, organic life?

I am radically accepting to offer up and re-center myself into a place of confidence and ambitious power. I have to take responsibility for my thoughts and my actions. What am I learning from this situation? How can my thoughts shift my circumstances to embrace an uplifting perspective? How can I love deeper from the dark and expose light to those who cannot see? Like the quote says, “when you are in pain, learn something!” I am gathering knowledge about respect and honor and overall patience to reach the never-ending circle of …


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